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Alaska Trading was established in the year 2010 distributing brands under different portfolios. Our basic business model was to procure products required by our customers and distribute the same in the market. Our commitment to excellence and responsiveness generated high demand for our products and services.
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What we offer to our clients

  • CPVC pipes – CPVC pipes and fittings are ideal for residential plumbing systems, as they are safe for clean water, possess joint strength, and are chlorine resistant. 
  • PVC Pipes – Alaska has been a trusted name in the market as a PVC fittings supplier in the UAE. We provide pipes and fittings to a wide range of industries based on their requirements. PVC Pipes are used for hot and cold potable water and sewage applications. The thickness and structure vary depending on the type of application. For example, pressure water pipes vary from the ones used in storm drainage systems. 
  • Weldall Solvent Cement System – CPVC pipe and fittings are becoming increasingly popular in corrosive and high-temperature situations. CPVC piping systems can be joined using various methods, but solvent cement is the most preferred option. Weld all solvent cement is a process that is fast, easy, and creates a stronger joint for the piping systems. They dissolve the CPVC resin and prepare the surface of the fitting and pipe.
  • Adhesives – often referred to as ‘glue’, it is an element that is used to stick or bond together two surfaces. Adhesives fill any gap/pores/scratches in the surface of the substrate and they disseminate into the surface at the molecular level. It is used in construction, packaging, transportation, etc.
  • PTFE Tape – They are water-resistant tapes and are highly preferred for reasons including being chemically inactive, having high resistance to temperatures, strong pressure resistance, non-stick backing, mouldable property etc.

Our Products

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