What’s the difference between PVC and CPVC Pipes?

What’s the difference between PVC and CPVC Pipes?

Who doesn’t like pipes? We are sure you do like them since you are here. Designing the best fluid distribution system is every engineer’s dream. We understand that you know the importance of every piping network and spend hours deliberating on the best material to choose.

Given their versatility and durability, PVC and CPVC are both solid choices for any fluid distribution system. They can be used across industries and last longer than you even require!. But, are they interchangeable? No, not really. CPVC pipes and PVC pipes each have their benefits and have specific applications.

If you are down to these last choices, then here is a small comparison to help you decide between CPVC pipes and PVC pipes.

Alaska Trading is known to be the leading PVC pipe supplier in Dubai and also houses many varieties of CPVC pipes from leading companies all over the UAE. We have noted down some of the main differences between these products below for your reference.

CPVC Pipes vs. PVC Pipes

Temperature Resistance

PVC pipes and CPVC pipes are popular for their resistance against high temperatures. They are both good insulators and have decent resistance towards ignition. However, between PVC pipes and CPVC pipes, CPVC pipes are capable of withstanding higher temperatures. The maximum service temperature is 60℃ for PVC, while it can go up to 93.3℃ for CPVC. Also, this means that for the first 60℃, CPVC performs better compared to PVC pipes. If you check with any PVC pipe supplier in Dubai, they will recommend CPVC pipes without hesitation for hot water and other hot fluids.

Physical Properties

Both PVC pipes and CPVC pipes have the same smooth, cylindrical shape. PVC pipes are usually greyish in color, while CPVC pipes have a clear white color. Beyond this, PVC pipes are sized as per iron pipe standards, while CPVC pipes are sized as per copper tube standards. PVC and CPVC pipes cannot be connected to each other. So, if you are replacing a small section of an existing network, you must check the sizes before choosing.


CPVC pipes are manufactured with chlorination of the PVC material. This added component changes the pipes’ chemical properties and functionality. Due to this, CPVC pipes are found to be a bit more expensive when compared to PVC Pipes. CPVC pipe suppliers in the UAE like Alaska Trading will tell you that cost is a big factor while choosing CPVC pipes or PVC pipes. CPVC pipes can be used for transporting highly corrosive fluids or hot fluids, while PVC can be used for underground water channels, irrigation, and drainage.

How to choose between PVC and CPVC pipes?

If you ask yourself some significant questions, you can choose between CPVC pipes and PVC pipes easily :

  1. Where is the pipe going to be used? Will there be higher temperatures involved? Do we need higher resistance to corrosion than standard?
  2. What is the volume of pipe used in the project? If the conditions work well for PVC pipes, choosing CPVC can prove very expensive for a large project.
  3. Is appearance important?
  4. Is the pipe needed as part of an existing network? What are the adhesive and bonding agents used? Will they work with PVC or CPVC?

If you find these answers and check for the optimum product, you will solve your problem.

If you are still confused, give us a call today. Alaska Trading has been dealing in PVC pipes and CPVC pipes for many years now. Our team will be happy to assist you to choose the best fit for your project and budget.